Year 1

Time Year 1 Toolkit Activities 1 – 5


O’clock Times Bingo game (Sparklebox)


Printscreen of IWB Activities – Activity 1

Printscreen of IWB Activities – Activity 2

Time – Activity Sheet 1.1a

Time – Activity Sheet 1.1b

Time – Activity Sheet 1.2

Time – Activity Sheet 1.3

Time – Activity Sheet 1.4

Time – Activity Sheet 1.5

Time – Resource Cards 1.3a

Time – Resource Cards 1.3b

Time – Resource Cards 1.3c

Time – Resources 1.5

Time Online Activities

iLearn IWB Time 2

TIme iLearn IWB Activity




One Response to Year 1

  1. Sandra Grech says:

    Thank you for these resources. They are great to use with my year 1 class.

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