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Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Learning Outcomes Framework Platform    CLICK HERE

All Learning Outcomes for all areas, subjects and cross curricular themes including Mathematics (area and subject Level 5 to Level 10) and Early Years are available on this platform.  


Mathematics Learning Outcomes – LEVEL 5      CLICK HERE

The Learning Outcomes Programmes for Level 5 for all subjects including Mathematics are available for download on this site.

The available documents for the Mathematics Learning Outcomes Programme can serve as guidelines as to how level 5 learning outcomes can be organised across Years 3 and 4.  


From the Current Primary Mathematics Syllabus to the Learning Outcomes Framework (Mathematics)  CLICK HERE


Mathematics Learning Outcomes – LEVEL 5 to Level 10  AVAILABLE SOON

A supplementary document which clearly depicts the mathematical journey from Level 5 to Level 10.


Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Continuous Assessment Primary Mathematics – Frequently Asked Questions  NEW

Continuous Assessment in Years 3 to 6 – FAQs – Primary Mathematics



Below are different rubrics which are intended to facilitate assessment during particular tasks.  These rubrics are merely exemplars and may be used exactly as are, may be amended as teachers deem best or may solely be used as reference. 

Rubric – Show and Tell – Example 1  

Rubric – Maths Trail – Example 2

Rubric – Show and Tell – Example 3

Rubric – Maths through Cooking – Example 4

Rubric – Journal – Example 5

Rubric – Journal – Example 6

Rubric – Journal – Example 7

Guide for Evaluating – Club for Mental Mathematics Strategies – Example 8


Continuous Assessment Workshop       

Download Presentation


PROPOSED MENU for Continuous Assessment in Years 4, 5 and 6  

Download Proposed Continuous Assessment in Primary Mathematics


Suggested Broad Learning Outcomes for Termly Reporting for Level 5 (Year 3) 

Download  Document


Similarities and Differences between the Revised Primary Mathematics Syllabus (June 2014) and the Learning Outcomes Framework.  

Download Document  for Strand 1Strand 2Strand 3Strand 4Strand 5Strand 6Strand 7