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DOWNLOAD the Learning Outcomes Framework – Level 6 [organised by Subject Focus and Year Group – Year 5 and Year 6]: The Number System, Numerical Calculations, Algebra, Shape, Space and Measures [Measures], Shape, Space and Measures [Euclidean Geometry], Shape, Space and Measures [Transformation Geometry], Data Handling & Chance – Statistics

DOWNLOAD Alignment Documents – These documents present the Year 5 Learning Outcomes from the Primary Mathematics Syllabus (2014) and aligns them with Level 6 – Year 5 Learning Outcomes from the Learning Outcomes Framework.

  • Subject Focus 1 – Number – The Number System (click HERE)
  • Subject Focus 2 – Number – Numerical Calculations (click HERE)
  • Subject Focus 3 – Algebra – Fundamentals of Algebra (click HERE)
  • Subject Focus 4 – Shape, Space and Measure – Measures (click HERE)
  • Subject Foci 4 and 6 – Shape, Space and Measures – Measures and Transformation Geometry (click HERE)
  • Subject Foci 5 and 6 – Shape, Space and Measures – Euclidean and Transformation Geometry (click HERE)
  • Subject Foci 7 – Data Handling – Statistics (click HERE)

DOWNLOAD the Broad Learning Outcomes (BLOs) for Year 5. To download the set of BLOs per tem click HERE.

DOWNLOAD the RUBRIC which can be useful when reporting BLOs – Level 6 [Year 5]. To download rubric click HERE.

DOWNLOAD the UNPACKING LEVEL 6 LOs document. This document is a useful tool for all educators in Primary as it unpacks the Primary Mathematics Learning Outcomes. This document facilitates differentiation. To download document click HERE.

If you have missed the PRIMARY MATHEMATICS ONLINE RESOURCES REPOSITORY for all Primary years groups (1 – 6), you can get a copy from HERE. These Online Resources Repository have been designed and developed by the Primary Mathematics Support Team in order to facilitate use of Mathematics resources available online. Resources are organised by learning outcomes.

Opportunities for Mathematics Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Through the online newsletter MATHS MATTERS educators will have an overview of the initiatives and resources developed and supported by the Primary Maths Support Team. Through MATHS MATTERS educators have the opportunity to learn more about the Primary Mathematics Recorded Lessons, ftit KULJUM, Fun Quizzes for little Mathematicians, M Lounge, Kikkra MATEMATIKA and Wacky Weekly Quizzes and much more.

For example teachers may wish to use the Wacky Weekly Quizzes as pre-assessment at the start of Scholastic Year 2021 – 2022 or else as a continuous assessment tool to gauge learning later on in the scholastic year. Through these quizzes teachers can identify Learning Outcomes mastered and any important gaps in learning. To download MATHS MATTERS please click HERE.

Your feedback is important. We encourage you to forward any feedback regarding the Primary Mathematics (Learning Outcomes Framework, Continuous Assessment, …) to Melanie Casha Sammut (Primary Mathematics – EO) via email