X’hemM? Virtual Escape Room – SwiM & STEM with Otters, is one of the activities organised by the Primary Science and Maths Teams in collaboration with Otters ASC. X’hemM? Virtual Escape Room was launched on Thursday 18th March 2021 and Year 6 students were invited to participate in this virtual escape room. The three student participants, listed below, cracking the code first were awarded vouchers kindly sponsored by Otters ASC.

1st place:   Kyle Camilleri – Archbishop’s Seminary, Gozo

2nd place:  Simon Borg – Gozo College Zebbug Primary

3rd place:  Giosue Spiteri – Archbishop’s Seminary, Gozo

Well done to all participants!

Year 6 students can still access X’hemM? Virtual Escape room and engage in this virtual escape room related to Maths and Science concepts and the game of water polo. X’hemM? Virtual Escape Room can be accessed through the following LINK.

Click HERE to access the answers and code to the escape room for verification.